Life Against Death: Srebrenica


By: Kadir Habibović


Imagine your town instead of my town, Srebrenica; your people instead of my people,

and your name instead of my name. Then form your own judgement and try to answer

this question loudly and without fear, so that everyone hears:

“What did THEY do to the innocent people of Srebrenica?

And never do unto anyone what you would not want done unto yourself


ISBN: 9781649459213
LCCN: 2020449141


177 pages, 8 unnumbered pages: illustrations, map, portraits


About author: Kadir Habibović was born in 1964 in Srebrenica. He worked

in the Srebrenica bauxite mine until the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and wanted

to live and see his children grow. But the aggression on his country destroyed his dreams and lives of thousands of his neighbors.

In his book, he describes the detailed shooting of a group of his fellow citizens that he survived so that he could testify about the crimes committed there.

After the fall of Srebrenica, the UN–declared safe area, he managed to reach the free territory on July 27, 1995.

Kadir left Bosnia and Herzegovina as a refugee and he now lives in northwestern Europe.

His book is a result of his commitment to testify about evil that world must know and recognize to honor the victims, and to console the survivors.



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